Region: Augsburg Stadt

We are all human

Als StaZ-Reporter berichten Vereine, Organisationen und Privatpersonen. Jeder kann mitmachen.

Breakfast topic: How to make the struggle a truly global one, one in which everybody on the planet has a part to play and understands that role.
How can we really create a framework that allows us to think these issues together and to organize around these issues together? Twinning is an answer for that, but it will probably need much more. How do we talk about bringing various social justice struggles together, across national borders, while dinner? I worried about a long time about. How to make the connection. It’s crucial to make this connection, right? For people to understand that we are all neighbours. Otherwise that’s where racism starts, I’ve seen it in Germany. We all have the same thinking, believes. We are all human.


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